Personal consulting

If you’re looking for personal consulting on performance based nutrition, I definitely offer these services.  There are two options that you can choose from.  Email me ( for the pricing.

Option 1

I would ask you a long list of questions that would allow me to calculate a total caloric goal and specific macronutrient recommendations (protein, carbs and fat) to hit as well.  I would give these numbers to you along with some recommendations around when to eat, pre workout, post workout and some ideas around potential supplements to look into.  At this point, you’d be off on your own to try and hit the macros on a day to day basis within ~5 grams.  If you are very self motivated and understand how to track using MyFitnessPal, MyMacros+ or another site, then this is a GREAT option for you.

Option 2

The second option starts exactly the same way as Option 1, but from there I’d require you to track your macros in one of the online website/cell phone apps.  This would allow me to follow your macros every day and provide feedback in real time about what you’re eating, when you’re eating it, and how to adjust based upon what results we see.  Basically I would watch your food log and provide feedback several times a week to eventually teach you how to make this work on your own.  Availability for Option 2 can be limited based upon my current volume of clients.

Email me at for more details and with any questions.